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Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

the title of this post is the title of Paul Neilans book of a almost similar name “ Apathy and other small victories “. It’s one of my favorite books. dark humor, and satire fill it’s pages to the brim, and i’d like to think this is what i aim this post to be-

but failed.

i’ve more or less, for what seems like forever, have had this silent dance with grief. and although inaudible, each footstep, as graceful as it was, was haunting.

before my memories were indefinitely cemented, my first memory (although fragmented) was of my grandma getting…

The stars. We’ve all seen it. Heard, or read about it, even if we’re zero percent interested in it. Astrology. As the urban dictionary so eloquently states,

Astrology is a pseudoscience used to predict and explain people’s lives based on the annual location of space rocks.

Brutal in all of it’s sardonic intrigue. Now, I’m not here to further dampen the pseudo reality that surrounds astrology; I’m here to set a scientific and researched guide on how the confines of astrology is different from most things people deem ridiculous.

Science, and astrology you say?

How the heck can he or…

Simply put, sensationalism is the unexpected perversion that you sort-of expected not to happen, now, but later. It’s a theoretical complex with blistering force, but it’s destructive power lies in the unknown nuances from capturing national audiences, to loud-mouth gossiping entities. Are car-wrecks ostentatious by design, or do we have to stop to look at each part of debris disassembled in slow-motion off the asian station wagon? We are (as in the collective of zombies observing reality) constantly in a rut of push-and-shove, shove-and-pull. The question is do we actually give a fuck, or is this all part of the Matrix we’re not meant to question? In due time, what we perceive as sensationalist — slowly, and inevitably dies down, until it is- by design- inconceivably (AND unfortunately) normal. Genovesian complexes are those norms engraved into us at a societal level- what we see offends us, but are we ourselves offensive if we intervene?

In essence, it’s side-show Bob, ‘come one, come all’ echoing through the megaphone. On the other hand, it’s a quintessential beauty among us- disorienting the masses, but, like a train-wreck, holds a heralded virtue to it. Tekashi 6ix9ine rose to unimaginable prestige, when he narrowly absconded federal racketeering charges by infamously pleading guilty and making his red-carpet/courtroom aisle appearance as the star witness for the prosecution during the trial against the Nine Trey Bloods.

Tekashi is a superstar. Shattering Instagram live records with a recorded 1.9 million viewers in his recent live session. And even more recently than that ‘…

Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

Investigative poet/journalist covering a blanket of topics from poetry, justice, culture, & human phenomena. I curse more than I have to. Colombian-Chilean

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